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From university students, earning extra pocket money in between lectures, to full time working adults taking up a part time night job or weekend part-time jobs to help support the family, offer a unique solution to both doing what you love and taking care of business.

The bustling city of Singapore has a huge jobs market and many of those positions up for grabs are in part time work. But it’s not always easy to find part time jobs in Singapore, especially when they get buried in the classifieds or lumped with all the other jobs online. is a Good and Reliable online jobs portal for Singapore that’s totally dedicated to finding you the best possible part time job suited to your needs.

We think of ourselves as being a bit like a matchmaker, bringing people together to do good work and creating the work/life balance advantages that part time employment can bring.

Part Time Jobs Singapore does just that – listing part time work only. From part time administrative jobs and data entry roles to retail, hotel and cafe jobs, we find the best jobs and shepherd the entire process of finding you the right role.

So, why this online Job Portal?

Part Time Jobs Singapore is free to use and contains a wealth of part time jobs curated by our team. Unlike a lot of other online jobs portals, there is absolutely no mass spamming of job advertisements on Part Time Jobs Singapore.

Each job advert presented on our site is the real deal. Part Time Jobs Singapore has a strategic focus on this kind of work and is dedicated to matching the right people with the right work.

The team at Part Time Jobs Singapore individually reviews all the job advertisements posted by employers. Only when we are satisfied do these positions get advertised to our job seekers.

The online platform itself is extremely simple and intuitive to use – all you have to do is go online and find the job you want.

Latest Job advertisements

If you’re hunting for part time work, then Part Time Jobs Singapore can help.

In addition to companies approaching us to advertise their part time positions, we are supported by a team of temp and part time job spotters who comb through Singapore looking for part time work that our members can apply for.

They go into shopping centres and companies across the city, looking for part time work opportunities that can be uploaded to the Part Time Jobs Singapore online portal and Facebook page.

This full spectrum service means you have access to jobs other websites have never – and will likely never – have heard of!

Finding the Best Part time jobs

Searching for a part time job in Singapore that suits your needs can be stressful.

But Part Time Jobs Singapore takes the guesswork and hassle out of the process by presenting you with strategically selected advertisements for high quality part time work only.

Our goal is to match your skills, passion and talents to the right job that fits perfectly with your life.

So Start your Job hunt on our portal today!

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