10 Best Part-time Hotel Jobs in Singapore

10 Best Part-time Hotel Jobs in Singapore

When looking for part time work, hotel jobs provide a wide range of opportunities all under one roof. Most hotels have extra amenities such as restaurants, bars, and even casinos.

All of those require different people with different skills. Then there are the typical hotel jobs that everyone thinks about; front desk, room service, and bellhops that carry guests’ bags to their rooms.

These more common positions are the ones that tend to be available for part-time work. There are also jobs for cooks, bartenders, spa workers, and security guards. Regardless of which job you choose, you need to have excellent customer service skills as you’ll be interacting with guests all throughout the work day. Aside from that, each position has different requirements. For example, bartending requires experience with alcoholic beverages and drink mixing. Front desk work will require some computer experience as that’s how guests are checked in these days. For a cook, you obviously need to be good with food, but you also need to be good with time management in order to ensure you get each guest’s order to them in a timely fashion. Here, we look at 10 of the best hotels in Singapore and what they offer in terms of available work.

Hotel Jobs with Marina Bay Sands

Hotel Jobs with Marina Bay Sands

The Marina Bay Sands, located on Bayfront Avenue, is a luxurious hotel with a wealth of amenities. There are the common jobs, of course, but there are also many others. They offer in-room massage services, so you could potentially apply as a masseuse, and they also have the Skypark, which features an infinity pool, restaurants, and more. There could be several different opportunities available there if you don’t mind working 57 stories above the city. With a hotel like this, you get to work in a beautiful and very comfortable environment, and the pay should be competitive as well. If you’re interested, head on down to the hotel and go to their human resources office to find out more.

2. Shangri-La Hotel Jobs

Shangri-La Hotel Jobs

The Shangri-La Hotel has been around for 40 years, and they still know exactly what luxury means. The hotel sits in the middle of 15 acres of lush greenery, and it has been voted as one of the best in the world on a consistent basis. They feature excellent guest services as well as beautiful gardens, a great spa, and a number of fine dining choices. Working here could make you part of a world class hospitality team, and should come with a pleasant pay rate as well. To learn more, head on over to shangri-la.com/corporate/careers/career-opportunities/ and search for available jobs.

3. Jobs at Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore

The Pan Pacific Hotel is another great place to look for work. They have the usual amenities, including a swimming pool, spa, gym, and a children’s playground. They also have a Meiko Tailor shop featuring bespoke menswear made by one of Singapore’s most respected tailoring establishments. These amenities may not be as unique as some, but they can still provide a few good jobs that should be fairly enjoyable. The good news in that you can check for work without leaving your home. Just head over to panpacific.com/en/careers/current-jobs.html and do a search to see what’s available at the Pan Pacific location nearest you.

4. Ritz-Carlton Hotel Jobs in Singapore

The name Ritz-Carlton is synonymous with luxury all over the world. This is no less true for Singapore’s Ritz-Carlton hotel. Their 680 guest rooms all feature great views of the Singapore skyline or of the beautiful Marina bay. They feature a long list of amenities, including a few high-end features such as limousine service. Working at a place like this would definitely give you a glimpse of what true luxury is all about. With all those amenities, there will be a great many different positions to fill. You can go to marriott.com/ritz-carlton-careers/ to search and find out what jobs are available.

5. Mandarin Oriental Hotel Jobs

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Jobs

The Mandarin Oriental is located right in the heart of Marina Bay and is very near to some of the best tourist spots, including Esplanade – Theatres On the Bay. This hotel adds an oriental touch to its luxurious space. If you have an affinity for that Far Eastern flare, this could be a great working environment for you.

It’s important to be comfortable at work, and being in a place that’s pleasing to the eye can only make it a more enjoyable working experience. To find out what jobs might be available, check out their careers page at mandarinoriental.com/careers/.

6. Intercontinental Singapore Hotel Jobs

The Intercontinental Singapore is one of several hotels owned by IHG (the Intercontinental Hotel Group). This is one of their more luxurious facilities. IHG also owns Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza and other more moderately priced hotels. The benefit is that there are multiple jobs available at multiple locations. More chances for employment means more options for you. You can go directly to the Intercontinental and inquire about any positions they may have available, or you can go to ihgplc.comand check there.

7. Jobs at Grand Hyatt (Singapore)

The Grand Hyatt is another great place to stay in Singapore, and it can also be a great place to work. It features a spa, a couple of lounges or bars, several restaurants, a swimming pool, tennis courts and more. Lots of different opportunities could present themselves. This may not be the most luxurious hotel in the city, but it’s still a well-known and popular hotel chain with an excellent reputation. To find out what jobs are available, check out http://search.hyatt.jobs/

8. Conrad Centennial Singapore Hotel Jobs

The Conrad Centennial Singapore is a luxury hotel that is a Hilton Hotel affiliate. They boast executive lounges, a fitness centre and spa, an excellent pool, and more. The hotel also features a gift shop, newsagents, and florist, and there are many more places to shop within walking distance. With Hilton’s solid reputation, they definitely have to have a solid staff to back that up and a great working environment to keep that staff running as well as it does. If you’d like to give them a try. head over to http://jobs.hiltonworldwide.com and see what jobs the Conrad has to offer.

The Fullerton Hotel is nestled in central Singapore and is gorgeously built. They have a state-of-the-art gym, sauna, and steam room. They have several luxury boutiques, a luxury spa, and a financial centre. The Fullerton Heritage Gallery is a collection of photos, stamps, and other memorabilia showing the history of the precinct. There is also a cake boutique where you can enjoy handcrafted pastries baked by the hotel chefs. This historic building should be an exciting and interesting place to work. The jobs they have available may vary, but it would be worth a try just to check it out. You can look at fullertonhotel.com/careers/ to see a list of positions and learn how to apply.

10. Work at Resort World Sentosa

Work at Resort World Sentosa

Resort World Sentosa is made up of six different hotels and is located on the resort island of Sentosa. In addition to the hotels, which have rooms of most every style including tree top lofts, there are great attractions as well. The most notable are the Universal Studio theme park and the Marine Life Park, which contains both the Adventure Cove Waterpark and the S.E.A Aquarium, one of the largest in the world. There is also a spa, a casino, a museum, and a lot more. All of these things mean a huge amount of possible job opportunities that could be available. With six hotels, there should be no shortage of staff positions up for grabs. To find out just what this major resort has to offer in terms of employment, head on over to rwsentosa.com and see for yourself.

These hotels are but a fraction of the possibilities available throughout the city of Singapore. There are so many great opportunities, and you should absolutely not leave any stone unturned when you’re looking for work. The options in this list all sound very appealing, and each would be a great place to work. Hotels provide a unique opportunity to serve customers without the hassle and extra obligations that retail sales jobs often entail. You’re don’t have to sell anything; you just have to be hospitable and give your guests a relaxing and enjoyable experience. What could be easier than that? Whether part-time or full-time, working in this industry will be a rewarding and interesting experience, so don’t pass up a chance to work in the lap of luxury. Apply for hotel work today, and enjoy where it takes you. Looking for other work options? Do hop by to check out the list of daily updated Singapore Part time Jobs today!

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