15 Retail Jobs in Singapore


In the retail world, there are a great many possibilities in terms of both part time and full time work. You should be able to find no shortage of retail work in Singapore just as long as you know the right places to look. There are many types of work in this field, and most are centred around customer service.

There are sales positions in which you are assigned a department and tasked to assist customers with finding the items they need. There are also cashier positions in which you ring up the customer’s purchases and take their payment, and customer service positions in which you process returns and other special transactions.

There are even management roles for those who qualify. In order to work job like these, you need to have strong people skills as you’ll deal with customers every day. You also need time management skills and a fair amount of patience. Most of all, you need to maintain a positive attitude as any negativity will affect your customers and possibly cost you some sales. Here, we take a look at a few of the retail companies you could work for and what they have to offer.

1. Isetan Retail Jobs in Singapore


Isetan is a fashion retailer that offers competitive wages. They also give meal, transport, shift, and laundry allowances. They offer training, as do most retail jobs in Singapore, and they also provide English classes to help you enhance your abilities with the language. They also have medical and dental benefits, as well as retirement benefits for those who stay for the long haul. They have multiple locations around the city, and you can apply at any of them, or you can hop online and go to Isetan.com.sg/careersfor an available retail job with Isetan Singapore.

2. Takashimaya Retail Jobs in Singapore

Takashimaya Retail Jobs

Takashimaya is a department store that has great job potential, as they sell a wide variety of products. This means they need people with varied experience. Their positions typically require working five days a week, and they offer employee discounts. They also offer medical, dental, and hospitalisation benefits, and you can earn up to 21 days of annual leave. They also allow for birthday and wedding anniversary leave, so you can celebrate your special days with your loved ones. Have a look at Takashimaya.com.sg/careers/ to see how you can apply for retail jobs in Singapore with takashimaya.

3. Robinsons Retail jobs in Singapore

Robinsons is another chain of department stores and a great source for retail jobs in Singapore. They offer a range of positions, and have a continuous training program that allows you to attend relevant courses in order to hone your skills. They work to mentor their employees and get them ready to do their job well, and they maintain a family-focused culture that ensures that every employee will have a rewarding experience on the job. To learn more about how to apply a retail job with robinsons, have a look at Robinsons.com.sg/careers/.

4. Retail jobs in Singapore with BHG Singapore

BHG is a clothing and department store that has a number of locations around Singapore. They feature a five day work week, and like some other businesses, they give allowances for transport, meals, and so on. They also have an allowance for those employees with good attendance. They have medical and dental benefits as well as staff discounts. To see what retail job positions are available, check here: Bhgsingapore.com.sg/corporate/vacancies.asp. To apply for a retail Jobs in Singapores with BHG, head to one of their stores or check here: http://www.bhgsingapore.com.sg/corporate/career.asp.

5. Retail Jobs in Singapore with Metro

Metro is one of the leading retail chains in Singapore. They are known for being fashion forward, having quality merchandise, and providing exceptional customer service. They want employees that will be willing to go the extra mile for their customers. Most retail stores provide similar benefits for their employees. To find out what unique benefits Metro offers, drop by one of their locations to inquire or go to Metro.com.sg/career/introduction to learn more about available metro retail Jobs in Singapore and how to apply.

6. Retail jobs in Singapore at World of Sports

Retail jobs in Singapore at World of Sports

World of Sports is just as its names suggests: a sporting goods chain. They’ve been around for 23 years and have more than 30 locations around Singapore. They are committed to the health and fitness of their customers, and they even sponsor a number of sporting events.

They want individuals who are motivated and want to make a difference in the sports world. To learn more about what retail jobs are available and how to apply, have a look at Worldofsports.com.sg/careers/.

7. Royal Sporting House Jobs

Royal Sporting House Jobs

Royal Sporting House has been in business since 1977, starting as a single store and expanding to a chain of stores all around the island. They handle sports apparel, footwear, equipment, and more. Their goal is to provide an enjoyable shopping experience for sporting enthusiasts. They have a number of sales/ retail positions available, and you can apply online. Check out Royalsportinghouse.com/positions_available/ for more information.

8. Best Denki Retail Jobs in Singapore

Best Denki is a technology and electronics retailer that has been around for 30 years. They have several positions available for those people who are tech savvy and have a passion for computers or other electronic gadgetry. They provide 13 month pay and other various bonuses, and they also have medical, dental, hospital, and surgical benefits as well as monthly attendance awards. To learn more about how to apply, head on over to Bestdenki.com.sg/best/career-opportunities for more on all current retail jobs in Singapore at best denki.

9. Courts Singapore Retail Jobs

Courts Singapore Retail Jobs

Courts is the largest electronics, IT, and furniture retailer in southeast Asia and is headquartered in Singapore. They have a clear and defined set of values: Employees first – Customer focus – Innovate to grow. They have more than 70 total stores throughout Asia, and they opened their first ‘Big Box’ Megastore in Tampines in 2006. They have a few retail jobs open right now. You can find out more at Courts.com.sg/Corporate-Information/Career-Opportunities.aspx.

10. Retail Jobs with Harvey Norman

Retail Jobs with Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman is a well-established and well-respected international retail chain dealing in electronics, computers, furniture, and bedding. They have a presence in eight countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Singapore. They favour dynamic sales and customer service employees, and they have a number of available positions. The work will be fast-paced and challenging, but it will be worth it for the right person. To find out more on the current retail jobs available, go to Harveynorman.com.sg/corporate-information/careers.html.

The Body Shop Jobs

The Body Shop is a retail chain focused on makeup, skin and hair care products, bath and body, and more. They cater mostly to women but do feature a few products for men. They strive to provide beauty products that feature all natural ingredients and are focused on being environmentally friendly in all their operations. Check out Thebodyshopcareers.com/ to learn more about the company and find out what retail jobs in Singapore with the body shop are available near you.

12. Working at GNC Singapore

GNC is an international chain of heath and wellness stores, and they are fairly well known and respected worldwide. They provide extensive training in-house and offer a high salary, sales commissions, and product incentives. They have medical and dental benefits as well as 14 days annual leave, and they also feature staff discounts. See Gnc.com.sg for more information and to learn how to contact them to apply for a retail position in Singapore.

13. Charles & Keith Jobs

Charles & Keith is a high-end retailer specialising in women’s shoes, bags, and other accessories. They feature a largely female staff with an average age of 27. Singapore is home to their group headquarters, which employs some 600 people. You can head over to Charleskeith.com to check for open retail positions and process your online application.

14. Retail Job with Pazzion

Retail Job with Pazzion

Pazzion is another retail chain that sells women’s shoes and handbags. Their flagship stores are in Singapore, but their presence has spread to more than 10 countries. They have a few positions available, and you can check Pazzion.com/career to find out more. Also, if you don’t see anything you like, they allow you to submit a general application so that they can contact you when a retail position that fits your skills becomes available.

15. Crocs Retail Jobs in Singapore

Crocs Retail Jobs in Singapore

Crocs is a well know shoe manufacturer providing unique and colourful footwear for the whole family. They were originally founded in Boulder, Colorado in the United States but have since gone worldwide. As a highly respected and established company, they offer great incentives for their employees. Have a look at Crocs.com.sg to learn more about retail jobs in Singapore with Crocs to apply online.

Retail sales is a very large field with plenty of job opportunities to go around. Some tend to be more part-time and others offer both part and full-time work. Be sure to do your due diligence to ensure you find a job that’s right for you. Being successful in the retail world means being enthusiastic, upbeat, hard working, and most of all customer focused. These jobs can be both fun and rewarding, so don’t hesitate to give retail jobs a try. If you are looking for other part time jobs in Singapore, do check out our homepage for the latest job listings!

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