17 Best High Paying Part-time Jobs in Singapore


Looking to make a bit of money on the side of studying? Just coming back into the workforce after a career break?

Or perhaps you have other commitments which take up too much time for a regular 9 to 5? There is a versatile range of jobs which you can do part-time in Singapore and still earn great money.


Everyone loves a morning coffee – so everyone loves a barista! With more than 7000 food and beverage retailers, Singapore is a mecca for all things caffeinated. Even with an average hourly wage, once you get good at brewing coffee, tips will start to stack up. Plus, you’ll get to know the morning ‘regulars’ and create a great network while you’re at it. Checkout the latest part time food and beverage jobs opening now!

Event Promoter/Helper

Working behind the scenes at a concert, fashion show or another major event can be both fun and lucrative; generally, the work will not be difficult, and you might get to attend a show for free instead of shelling out cash for tickets! Working in events is a great way to quickly establish rapport with a group – and maybe even rub shoulder with the rich and famous. Pet expos are great events to work, and you can help demonstrate handheld vacuums for pet hair or how to properly groom pets.

Find the latest part-time events jobs now!

Personal Driver

Rideshare and quasi-taxi services like Uber and Grab are gaining huge traction in the market, and it’s super easy to get your slice of the pie! Simply sign up using their online portal. You don’t even need to purchase a car, as many of these services will allow drivers using rental cars. Invest in a handheld car vacuum to make sure the car stays nice and clean, though!


Another fun and engaging part-time job choice, working as a mascot or brand ambassador is a great way to earn money while still engaging with something you love. Have a favourite sports team or store? Try contacting them to see whether they might need a mascot. This kind of job is particularly good for outgoing, friendly people, and those who love kids.

Freelance Emcee

Most major events and ceremonies need someone to take charge. If you are a confident public speaker and like being in front of a crowd, this could be a perfect opportunity! One huge benefit of Emcee work is that it tends to be in evenings or on weekends, so could easily fit around other life or work commitments.

Part-time Survey Assignments

Market research is another large growth area in the APAC region. Millions of dollars are spent every year by organisations who want to gain a better understanding of their target audience. Working in community surveying, you will speak with members of the public about their thoughts about a brand or product and feed this information back into the business. Cool, right? You get to see real results and hear real opinions about what people want.

Elderly Care

Working part time caring for the elderly is rewarding in more than one sense. It pays well, but will also allow you to give something back to the community and really make a difference! Many of us have older family members who have needed, or will need, care at some point – so why not repay the favour and look after another member of the community in need? Find latest part time nursing jobs today!

Delivery Driver

You name it, people want it delivered. You can work directly for a restaurant or takeaway joint, or explore food delivery services such as UberEats. Couriers are also in hot demand! The best part is that you can choose your vehicle of choice – maybe you would prefer to bike around the city? If so, you get the added benefit of keeping fit while getting paid!

Tuition Teacher

Teaching doesn’t just have to happen in the classroom. In fact, there is a huge appetite in the modern age for home-based or distance learning programs. Pick something you excel at – maybe you could teach another language or a skill such as guitar or robotics. The options are endless! You can advertise privately as a teacher or use an agency based service, and again the flexibility of hours will offer you the opportunity to continue with other pursuits.

Swimming Assistant Instructor

If you’re a strong swimmer, why not share the knowledge with the next generation? Teaching children (or adults) to swim is very fun, and can be a great way to keep fit and healthy yourself. Of course, you should only do this job if you yourself are an excellent swimmer – it’s hard to teach what you don’t know! Also, some swim schools will require you have a current first aid certificate, so check this first.

Part time Tennis Assistant Instructor

As with swimming, this can be a very fun and healthy way to make money. Tennis is a popular sport in APAC and doesn’t require a lot of expensive equipment. Many local tennis clubs will employ coaches, particularly those who are great players themselves. Call your local tennis club or your local tennis association to see whether they could use your services!

Interior Design Consultant

Everyone thinks interior designers have to be expensive when this really isn’t the case. If you have a good eye for detail and any experience in renovating or remodelling a home, this could be a role for you! Wealthy individuals may just want a hand from someone in selecting colour palettes or furniture for a new home. You can even help them with appliance decisions, like finding the best handheld vacuum cleaner or top of the line dishwasher. Note that in some cases clients will want you to have tertiary qualifications in this area.

Event Helper

So maybe you can’t manage or run events, but you can certainly help out! Every large event is made up from small details – there needs to be someone to unfold the chairs, set the tables, hang the lines, etc. Again, roles in events tend to work around normal working hours, so if necessary you could do this in the evenings and weekends. And, as with event management, you might get free tickets or merchandise! Approach large event companies to see whether they have any helping opportunities.

App/Brand Ambassador

Just like community surveys and mascots, brand ambassadors play a vital role in establishing public awareness of a brand or market. This role is suitable for a confident friendly individual who isn’t afraid to talk to others! Often brand ambassadors will stand in visible, busy places – like the supermarket or shopping mall – so it’s also a good way to network and socialise. And many of the brands that engage ambassadors might create more prominent roles for those individuals down the track, so it’s a great foot in the door!

Data Entry

Many think of data entry as being boring and slow, but this doesn’t have to be the case! For one, this job can usually be done from home, and on your own time – so you can stay on the couch in your pyjamas! You might get to work with fascinating data, and maybe even learn something new. Besides, not everyone wants a fast-paced, stressful job or a role suited for an extrovert – some of us would rather stay indoors and work with numbers, and that’s just fine. Data entry roles usually pay very well, too. View the full list of the latest part-time data entry job openings now!

Part-time Banquet Staff

Working part-time at major banquets combines many elements that people love. For one, you will probably get to work with delicious food! And in this industry notoriously, staff members get to take home leftovers. As with many other roles on this list, working part-time in banquets will usually be late evenings and weekends, leaving you free to enjoy life during the weekdays. You’ll most likely get paid either by event or by hour – either way, there is money to be made if you take on enough work!

Chef de partie

Our final job in the list also combines food with service, but a chef de partie usually works under a lot more pressure. While it may be stressful cooking perfect food for paying guests, it’s also very rewarding and flexible in terms of hours. Starting out as a chef de partie creates great career progression towards a career as a fully-fledged chef or another professional in the hospitality industry if you so desire. And, if not, you’ll learn great skills that will make you more popular at home!

So – what are you waiting for? Find more part time jobs in Singapore using our our jobs portal and go make some money!

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