Is Electricity in Singapore Expensive?


Is electricity in Singapore expensive? This question is often posed by new migrants. Even residents wonder whether electricity charges are expensive in their nation compared to other countries. Well, Singapore is a developed nation. As such, electricity charges ought to be higher.


Why is electricity in Singapore expensive?

The cost of electricity keeps on increasing in any country. Singapore isn’t an exception to this particular tradition. However, many residents assert that electricity expenses are higher in their country. Why? Many reasons contribute to the high cost.

First of all, the wages of workers are higher. The reason – Singapore is one of the top nations in the world. The country can’t afford to pay low wages even to daily workers. The higher wages of workers contribute to the higher electricity cost.

Secondly, administrative expenses are costly. Educated officers are highly paid in any arena. This applies to the electricity field too. The high salaries of officers add to the cost of electricity.

Even the fixed overhead expenses are higher. If you sum up all the expenses, the obvious result is a high cost. However, one major factor that increases the cost is the profit margin of electricity suppliers. Many suppliers keep a higher profit margin, which raises the cost of electricity further.


Dealing with expensive electricity

After knowing the reasons for high electricity charges, you may want to figure out how to bring down your electricity bills. As a homeowner, you can do that in numerous ways. First of all, switch to energy-efficient appliances. Secondly, keep the appliances turned off when not in use.

However, the most important step to reduce your electricity cost is the choice of the electricity supplier. Not all suppliers are equal. You ought to choose the best supplier such as Senoko Energy that charges less. The company has helped numerous householders save their electricity charges continually. Just check their plans and you could reap guaranteed savings.

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