Which part time job suits me best

Which part time job suits me best

If you’re wondering what part time job position best suits you, you’re most likely at the starting point of your part time job search. If you are in work already and are looking for a second part time job, it would be wise to choose a position that is not going to tire you out mentally, as you may already be exhausted from your main job. If you are choosing a part time job because you are studying, look for work that will give you work experience in your field of study. If you are after work/life balance – perhaps you are a working parent and can only work part time – a job that will not detract from that work/life balance is best, ensuring that you don’t take work home with you.

Now that you have clarified what you’re looking to get out of having a part time job, consider your personality type and what roles will complements you.

Doer – Part time jobs

Doers like to get their hands onto things and make them work. Doers don’t like procrastination; time is money. They don’t particularly like to be in one place all day.

Part time jobs for the Doer: personal trainer, cleaner, labourer, bartender.

Creator – Part time jobs

Creators are emotionally available and open people who take the initiative to build things from the bottom up. They are imaginative and non-judgemental.

Part time jobs for the Creator: writer, journalist, artist, designer.

Helper – Part time jobs

Helpers are at their happiest when the are working with other people, and for other people. They enjoy listening to others and being part of a support network. They are happy to be the person others lean on in times of need.

Part time jobs for the Helper: social worker, nanny, teacher, counsellor, call centre.

Persuader – Part time jobs

Ambitious by nature, persuaders are natural leaders. They are passionate, have strong opinions, and communicate well. They enjoy bartering and feel successful each time they convert a person to agree with their opinion.

Part time jobs for the Persuader: marketer, sales consultant, consultant.

Organiser – Part time jobs

Organises can be mistaken to have OCD when it comes to keeping things in order. They are innately methodical, organised and neat with a good attention to detail. They don’t procrastinate or let work pile up, but rather they work to a system that they don’t allow to go awry.

Part time jobs for the Organiser: receptionist, PA, EA, event organiser.

Thinker – Part time jobs

Thinkers are the curious types, the autonomous workers that ‘need to know’. They enjoy research and finding solutions to problems and are generally good with computers, facts and figures. Thinkers are analytical and deep; they want to know how everything works in relation to each other.

Part time jobs for the Thinker: researcher, scientist, philosopher.

Finding the right part time job to suit your individual circumstances is not always easy; it will take some consideration to narrow down the path you want to take. But taking the time to weigh up what’s right for you will give you indelible job satisfaction in the end.

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